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Our Vision

ourvisionEdina Country Club is in a strong position for the future and has gone to great lengths to define itself without comparison to other area clubs. Club members value the "family friendly" and warmer, more casual environment of the club. Its membership is considerably younger than other area clubs. This fact generates a unique purpose of the club, to provide amenities and recreational opportunities for members and their families in a manner that is enjoyable and of consistent high quality.

The recent success of the Edina Country Club has not caused a complacent attitude among the membership nor the Board of Directors. A long-range plan has been developed to ensure the Club’s needs are met in the future. Using input from the various committees of the Club, an extensive list of improvements have been developed which will keep the Edina Country Club at the cutting edge of member satisfaction for the next decade and beyond.

The Board, along with various Committees, are always examining ways to insure that the Edina Country Club remains one of the finest private clubs in the Midwestern United States.