Edina Country Club Golf Course
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Hole: 11

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Gold 167 3 15
Blue 161 3 15
Blue-Green 161 3 15
Green 156 3 15
White (W) 148 3 13
White-Red 148 3 13
Red 121 3 13

This is a very deceptive hole despite being the only par-3 without water in play. Bu that doesn't mean it's easy. Because it usually plays into the wind, use more club to get to the large putting surface, which slopes from right to left. Three green-side bunkers can catch errant shots. A back right pin placement looks daunting from the tee, but there is much more room on the green there than you think.
How to Play It:
With the green being slightly uphill from the tee box, and generally into the wind, an extra club is required to get it to the putting surface. Play to the middle of the green and avoid going long and left. The bunkers way short of the green should not come into play. If the hole location is front left, beware of putting off the green.
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