Edina Country Club Golf Course
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Hole: 6

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Gold 413 4 10
Blue 404 4 10
Blue-Green 366 4 10
Green 366 4 10
White (W) 358 4 6
White-Red 317 4 6
Red 317 4 6

The bunkers that cross the fairway are near the landing areas on this solid par 4. Long hitters have to make a decision on trying to hit over the bunkers or to lay up. If you're short of the bunkers off the tee, you can see the flagstick but not the putting surface, so be aware of the hole location. Approach shots over or right of the green will be up a steep slope.
How to Play It:
Most players hit their tee shots short of the fairway bunkers in the generous landing area. Play your second shot to the middle of the green, and if you do miss the green' it's best to miss short. This green can be difficult to two putt depending on the hole location if you have a long first putt.
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