Edina Country Club Golf Course
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Hole: 7

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Gold 206 3 14
Blue 180 3 14
Blue-Green 143 3 14
Green 143 3 14
White (W) 119 3 14
White-Red 119 3 14
Red 83 3 14

This could be the most-challenging of the par-3s on the course, with tee boxes that range from 83 to 206 yards. Because the hole is fairly open, wind often is a factor, as is the large pond that catches short or errant tee shots. Four bunkers and runoff areas surround the green, making the hole even more difficult.
How to Play It:
Take enough club off the tee. Play your yardage to the middle or middle back of the green to take the water out of play. A tee shot short of the green often results in double bogey or worse. Shots long left or right still give you a chance to get up and down for par. Being in the bunkers left or right of the green is not that bad off the tee. Very challenging par-3.
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