Edina Country Club’s original swimming pool was built in 1948 and even in those days it was the preferred summer, social gathering spot for families and friends of Edina Country Club members. Today we have a brand new pool and kiddy pool, constructed in 2003, complete with fountains, slides, diving boards and a full snack facility and beverage bar. We have giant mushroom umbrellas for those that are avoiding the sun and open lounging for those that want that summer tan.

These are the extras that make Edina Country Club special, however the most attractive and the greatest draw to our pool is the swim program. We have without a doubt the most enthusiastic, comprehensive, professional and qualified Swim and Dive Coaching staff anywhere. We have close to 200 children on our swim team. Excellence in all staff members and outstanding lessons are a priority at the ECC pool. Male and female instructors are available for lessons. All instructors have extensive swimming backgrounds and are excellent with children.